Custom Synthesis

    Custom Synthesis

        Eximed Laboratory provides custom synthesis of a wide line of products ranging from milligram to multi-gram quantities.

        Eximed Laboratory offers expertise in custom synthesis and contract research covering all aspects of lab-scale organic and medicinal chemistry. The services offered include: 
             • synthesis of custom organic compounds 
             • synthesis of known reference compounds 
             • custom synthesis of small compound libraries 
             • optimization of existing synthetic methods, discovery of novel approaches to the synthesis of target molecules 
             • collaborative or contract research projects to develop and synthesize new compounds designed for specific functions

        Confidentiality of proprietary information is strictly observed. 
        For the further information, please contact us.

    Semi-Custom Synthesis

        Eximed Laboratory is pleased to offer its semi-custom synthesis services, including compound libraries:
            • based on scaffolds of Eximed Laboratory 
            • based on scaffolds of the customer.

        The Eximed Laboratory scaffold database was generally prepared using aminoacids derivatives, peptidomimetics and natural-like compounds. This is your opportunity to get novel compounds for screening purposes.