Natural Compounds Derivatives


    Natural-Product-Based Library contains more than 3000 compounds, based on some readily available natural products. The library includes derivatives of naturally occurring coumarins, urolithins, flavonoids, aurones, alkaloids (aloperine, cytisine, lupinine, colchicine), bile acids and others.
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    Natural-Product-Like Library contains more than 15000 synthetic compounds similar to natural. This library provides additional diversity for drug discovery projects which are focused on natural compounds. The library contains compounds which are derived from natural compound scaffolds by combinatorial synthesis and includes coumarins, aurones, flavonoids, urolithins, xanthones, alkaloids, glycosides and other derivatives.
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    Compound details:

    • All compounds for prompt delivery (by FedEx)
    • Delivery time is 5-7 business days
    • Supplied as dry powders
    • NMR spectra are available upon request
    • Purity: 90%+ (by NMR and/or GC/LC/MS)
    • Available amounts: 1 mg and more
    • Packaging in deep-well plates or vials
    • Resynthesis is possible