Eximed laboratory has created various compound libraries: screening compounds, natural compounds derivatives, natural-like compounds, building blocks, scaffolds, supplier compounds. All the libraries are updated monthly. For more information see products sections.

    Every synthesized compound is exposed to careful purification and quality control by NMR spectra 300 or 400 MHz (Varian VXR-300, Varian Mercury 400) and may be performed upon request. All analysis data we enclose with ordered compounds. The purity of all compounds is 90-98%.

    Compounds selected in accordance with your interests from supplier or virtual compound library will be synthesized and delivered within 2 - 3 months. We'll be happy to welcome you as our customer or collaborator to take part in joint research program in the field of organic and medicinal chemistry.

    If you would like to receive our catalog of substances, then please contact with us via back calling or by email ( , ) regarding this request.