Screening Compounds

Eximed Laboratory Screening Collection contains about 60000 compounds for prompt delivery. All compounds have undergone quality control to confirm their chemical structures.
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Unique Compounds Library contains about 2000 brand new structures, which have favorable physicochemical profiles, minimal overlap with scientific databases and customized for current and future drug discovery.
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Natural-Product-Based Library contains more than 3000 compounds, based on some readily available natural products. The library includes derivatives of naturally occurring coumarins, urolithins, flavonoids, aurones, alkaloids (aloperine, cytisine, lupinine, colchicine), bile acids and others.
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Natural-Product-Like Library contains more than 15000 synthetic compounds similar to natural. This library provides additional diversity for drug discovery projects which are focused on natural compounds. The library contains compounds which are derived from natural compound scaffolds by combinatorial synthesis and includes coumarins, aurones, flavonoids, urolithins, xanthones, alkaloids, glycosides and other derivatives.
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Amino-Acids-Based Library contains more than 13000 screening compounds. Amino acids are the building blocks which are widespread in the nature and extremely wide chemical diversity make amino acids especially attractive in lead discovery by HTS. Selection of the natural proteinogenic amino acids was substantially enriched by creating new, unnatural amino acids, specially designed to improve pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of the peptidomimetics and other biologically active compounds based on them.
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Compound details:

  • All compounds for prompt delivery (by FedEx)
  • Delivery time is 5-7 business days
  • Supplied as dry powders
  • NMR spectra are available upon request
  • Purity: 90%+ (by NMR and/or GC/LC/MS)
  • Available amounts: 1 mg and more
  • Packaging in deep-well plates or vials
  • Resynthesis is possible

Compound Library Orders
To request availability and pricing information or to place an order for our screening compounds or one of our libraries, please visit the Contact Info page.

If you have already completed a selection of compounds and would like to check pricing and availability, you could provide a list of Eximed Laboratory catalog numbers and indicate the desired amount per sample (in mol or mg) and any special formatting requirements. After pricing and availability is confirmed, you will get a quotation that could be used to place an order. Lead time of delivering an order depends on the size of an order and formatting requirements.

A full set of documentation in electronic format is provided with each order including an electronic SD (Structural Data) file and/or ISIS/Base Database file. In these files each Eximed catalog number correlates with the chemical structure, molecular formula and molecular weight. In addition to SD/DB files, an Excel or PDF file containing catalog numbers, sample information map and NMR spectra can be provided.